• Josh Valjan

You Spoke…We Listened!!

We want to thank everyone who answered last week’s request and provided suggestions for future topics we should address on the blog. Blog comments, emails and Facebook messages continue to come in at numbers we never anticipated. We will comprise a list of all the suggestions and will work diligently toward doing the research necessary to create great content on each topic.

This week’s blog posts will be dedicated to the most requested topic: explaining to a buyer why waiting to purchase may not make sense. Tomorrow, we will show the impact of price; Wednesday, the effect of interest rate increases; Thursday, we’ll put both together to explain the overall cost to the buyer. We’ll finish the week with an infographic combining all the data in a powerful visual.

Also, here is a replay of a recent webinar on this subject:


We also want to start giving content we have already developed on some of the other topics requested:

Why Does a Seller Need an Agent to Sell in a Hot Market?


Here is an eGuide we created to explain how to be the go-to agent in today’s market:


Here is a replay of a webinar we recently hosted that will help you promote yourself as the market expert:


What About Those Who Went Through the Trauma of Losing Their Home?


How Do We Handle Appraisal Issues in this Appreciating Market?


There are many other topics we will cover. These are just a few with which to start.

Thanks again to everyone for caring enough to make a difference. – The KCM Crew

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