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Why An All-Cash Home Offer Is A Better Real Estate Deal

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

If you're looking to sell your home fast, an all-cash offer from a potential buyer could be the better real estate deal. Real estate has been booming for the past couple of years, which means houses are selling faster than ever before.

Cash home offers are an ideal option for sellers who want to avoid the hassle of dealing with inspections, showings, or price negotiations.

But why is an all-cash home offer really better?

In this blog, our professional cash home buyers at Space Coast Capital will cover:

  • What an all-cash offer on a home is

  • How common cash home offers are

  • How all-cash offers differ from the traditional house buying process

  • Why cash home offers are better for sellers

  • Benefits of accepting an all-cash offer

Image of the outside of a home in a Florida neighborhood.
Why An All Cash Home Offer is A Better Real Estate Deal

Table of Contents:

  1. What is An All-Cash Offer On A Home?

  2. How Common Are Cash Home Offers?

  3. How Are All-Cash Offers Different from The Traditional Home Buying Process?

  4. Contingencies

  5. Appraisals

  6. Closing

  7. Title And Escrow

  8. Why Cash Home Offers May Be Better for Sellers

  9. 7 Benefits of Accepting An All-Cash Offer On Your Home

  10. Conclusion

People Also Ask:

Is an all-cash offer better?

If a homebuyer has cash, little to no issues can derail the sale. Basically, an all-cash home offer typically means a quicker closing, saving time, and putting money in the seller’s pocket sooner.

Do all cash offers fall through?

Typically, no. It’s rare for a home sale involving an all-cash offer to fall through.

Are There closing costs with a cash offer?

Yes. The cash buyer pays the closing costs just like traditional buyers who purchase a home with mortgage financing.

What is An All-Cash Offer On A Home?

An all-cash offer on a house is exactly what it sounds like. It's an offer from a potential buyer to purchase a home in exchange for cash. A cash home offer means that a buyer wants to buy your home without a mortgage loan or other form of financing.

If you're interested in an all-cash offer for your home, Space Coast Capital can help! Our team can buy your home directly with a cash offer that matches its market value.

All you need to do is fill our online form. You can receive a preliminary cash offer in as little as 15 minutes if you qualify!

How Common Are Cash Home Offers?

All-cash home offers are more common than you might think. Since the 2008 and 2009 recession, cash offers have become more common. Buyers purchasing houses with cash accounted for 33% of property sales in 2021, and the percentage is still increasing.

But what makes home cash offers more common?

Typically, cash offers are more common in the following situations:

  • An investor or investment company is interested in purchasing the home

  • A buyer wants to stand out from the heavy competition

  • The buyer recently sold their previous house and has sale proceeds to pull from

  • The home needs renovations or repairs and is attractive as a fix-and-flip property

  • A seller has approached a buyer about purchasing the home

The beauty of all-cash offers is that they work for any situation, not just those listed above. If you want to sell your home quickly, it's essential to understand cash offers and how they work.

How Are All-Cash Offers Different from The Traditional Home Buying Process?

With a cash offer, home selling and buying are different from a traditional process involving a mortgage.

The home buying process with an all-cash offer tends to be faster. Because there's no mortgage, there's no need for an application, documentation, or underwriting, and the cash buyer usually doesn't need an appraisal.

Another difference between cash offers and traditional home buying is that the cash buyer must prove they have the money to purchase your property. This is known as proof of funds.

With a traditional mortgage loan, buyers typically come pre-approved, which means the lender has determined they have the financials to cover the mortgage payment.

Continue reading to discover other ways the home selling and buying process differs with cash offers!


Typically, there are fewer contingencies with cash home offers and sales. This is because cash buyers don't need the financing for a mortgage loan. However, some buyers may want a contingency for a home inspection before the sale.


The lender typically mandates appraisals. Cash home buyers won't need to worry about an appraisal because no lender is involved. In cases when an investor is looking to ensure a return on a home sale, the buyer may still want an appraisal.


When it comes to closing a home sale, the process is much simpler when it involves a cash offer. The cash buyer signs the settlement statement, title, deed and will send you the funds via cashier's check or other forms.

Without the need for financing, it significantly reduces the amount of closing paperwork.

Title And Escrow

Even if you're selling your home to a cash buyer, they'll still need a title and escrow company to handle the transaction. However, your buyer has more control over choosing the organization because there's no lender involved.

Why Cash Home Offers May Be Better for Sellers

When you're looking to sell your home, an all-cash offer is usually the best way to ensure a quick and easy sale. The fact is that reputable cash buyers are serious about purchasing a property and will rarely back out of a deal.

All-cash offers provide better options for many sellers to meet their needs.

Below are a few more examples of why cash home offers are more attractive to sellers:

  • Confidence in the deal going through

  • A faster process overall

  • Fewer contingencies

  • Simpler closing

  • No appraisal means no appraisal stress

7 Benefits of Accepting An All-Cash Offer On Your Home

The benefits of accepting an all-cash home offer are clear. Sellers can expect a quick sale with little to no hassle.

In addition, cash buyers typically have their finances in order and won't back out of a deal like some buyers who require a mortgage.

Still not thoroughly convinced?

Below are seven significant benefits you can expect when you accept an all-cash offer from a reputable buyer:

  1. Less Risk - Home sales involving cash offers tend to be stronger, with less risk of the buyer backing out of the sale.

  2. Less Stress - All-cash offers mean you do not have to clean, stage, repair, or renovate your home to guarantee a deal.

  3. Solves A Difficult Problem - Whether you need to sell your home because of a divorce or job relocation, accepting a cash offer can help ensure you sell quickly.

  4. Skips Stagings And Showings - Because a cash buyer is purchasing your home directly, there's no need to stage or show your home.

  5. Saves On Home Repairs Or Renovations - In most home sales involving cash, you sell your house "as is." This means that there's no need for home renovation or repairs, saving you time and money.

  6. Avoids Negotiating - An all-cash offer means there's no need for haggling over the price of your home. Instead, you receive a solid offer reflecting the value of your property.

  7. No Commission Fees - Selling to a cash buyer means you don't need a realtor, which means no commission fees. Just make sure to check the sale documents for hidden fees, as some cash buyer may try to spring them on you!


When it comes to selling a house, everyone's situation is different. If you're looking to sell your home, you'll need to decide if an all-cash offer is the better deal for you. It's essential to understand what a cash home offer is and know who it's coming from.

You want to ensure that you're working with reputable cash buyers who have the funds to buy your home and follow through with the deal. When partnering with Space Coast Capital, you'll get exactly that!

Are you ready to receive a better real estate deal with an all-cash home offer?

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