• Josh Valjan

When will prices again approach the 2005-2006 peak?

Many sellers want to know how long would they need to wait to again see the prices of 2005-2006. Moody’s and Fiserv have actually studied this point. Here are the years that different states will probably return to those prices:

Before 2014

Maine Vermont Kentucky Pennsylvania South Carolina Alabama Alaska Iowa Montana South Dakota North Dakota Wyoming Nebraska Kansas


Massachusetts Connecticut Delaware Ohio West Virginia Indiana Wisconsin North Carolina Tennessee Mississippi Arkansas Missouri Louisiana Oklahoma Texas Colorado New Mexico Washington Oregon


New York New Hampshire New Jersey Maryland Rhode Island Illinois Hawaii Georgia Idaho Utah

After 2023

Virginia Florida Michigan Minnesota California Nevada Arizona

There are two ways to look at this data. First, if you are thinking of selling, sell now – don’t wait. The other point is, if you are buying this year, in 43 of the 50 states you could see a dramatic increase in value within ten years. I think this data can help both buyers and sellers make good decisions for themselves and their families.

What do you think?

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