What it takes to Build a Great Listing Inventory

Frank E. Nothaft, Chief Economist at Freddie Mac recently proclaimed:

“We expect single-family home sales and housing starts to be at the highest level since 2007.”

Due to this demand, taking quality listings will continue to be extremely important to your success throughout 2014. This will create a tremendous opportunity for those agents who can dominate the listing side of the business.

But what will it take to achieve maximum success? Here are 5 things that you’ll need to do:

1.     Make sure that you have a powerful listing presentation that inspires TRUST from your clients.

2.     Actively pursue the expired listing market in the New Year.

3.     Be prepared to address and overcome the FSBO objection.

4.     Understand how to advise your clients on proper pricing strategy in this rapidly-changing market.

5.     Always portray yourself as THE market expert in your area… a trusted resource for your clients.

The opportunity to become a Listing Machine will be there for those that seize it. If you’d like to learn how you can approach each of these 5 steps, we held a FREE webinar on Thursday, December 19th to do just that. Thousands of agents have already learned the steps they need to take. Watch the replay NOW!

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