Today’s Talking Point 10/21/09

I received many comments regarding yesterday’s post The 10 Must-Do’s in Real Estate in 2010 I wanted to share some of them with everyone.

Kate Koplinka “Let’s sharpen our sales skills through training.”

Kate has always been a proponent of continuous ‘sales’ training. We are in the business of selling real estate and must make sure we continue to hone our sales skills. Great point Kate!!

Lenny Simonetti “They should have daily goals. They should read something positive every day. They should prospect 1 hour per day.”

Lenny has always been goal oriented and continuously stays positive by reading the right things. Filling our minds with positive input will have a tremendous effect on our success.

Tony Donnino “He who controls the inventory, controls the market!!”

Tony has been a top listing agent in his market for decades and what he says is as true today as when he started.

Who else has some input on this topic?

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