• Josh Valjan

Things Have Changed. Have You?

We read an interesting blog post from real estate guru and friend Matthew Ferrara this week talking about how the value of the real estate agent has changed dramatically with the advent of the ‘major web portals’. Matthew explains that, in today’s market, an agent or broker’s marketing strategy must be focused on:

Building trust and relationships that encourage sellers to notice, hear and agree with your message…More content, more stories, more videos. Not about bedrooms or baths or even prices – but about trust and knowledge and market reality.

We couldn’t agree more! In our eGuide, Real Estate’s New Market Reality, we address the same issue when we explain:

Clients no longer need us for information regarding which homes are for sale or what houses in their neighborhood sell for. They can easily find that information online. What clients really want is someone who can…

  1. Analyze all the available information

  2. Connect the dots and let them know if now is a good time to buy or the right time to sell

  3. Take the time to explain their options—simply and effectively

We realize it is a big change. But, it’s one we need to embrace to move forward.


Read Matthew’s blog: Why Zillow and Trulia Don’t Matter Today

Download KCM’s eGuide: The New Market Reality

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