• Josh Valjan

Seth Godin Challenges Real Estate Agents

The members of the KCM Crew are big fans of branding guru Seth Godin. We are looking forward to seeing Seth deliver his Keynote address at the InfusionCon marketing conference in April in Arizona. Today, we want to share some of his thoughts on the real estate profession.

Quality of production, Seth warned professionals that they have to realize their value is not measured in the same way it has been in the past. What the consumer expects has changed. He explains:

“It’s entirely possible that you are very good at (and have the tools to perform) a job that was really difficult to do a while ago.

The problem is that some difficult things keep getting easier to do.”

He talked of television producers, wedding photographers and chefs. He also challenged real estate professionals:

“Even people who sell real estate have discovered that much of what they did all day is now being done, sorted and presented, for free, in real time, online.

That doesn’t mean that the game is over. What it does mean is that we have to figure out how to obsess over things that are truly difficult. Access to tools alone is not sufficient.”

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