Prices & Time Since The Peak [UPDATED]

We know how many Members LOVE this slide! The new report from CoreLogic was just released showing the percent change in price and time since each state’s individual peak.

Price & Time Since Peak | Keeping Current Matters

Many agents use this slide to show their clients that although prices are on their way up, in some areas they are still a far cry from the bubble that we experienced. In many states (the darker blue) they are currently at their peak.

Use your local MLS prices to break down this slide even farther to your local area.

We also included the 12 month & 1 month price change slides to allow you to give a great picture of where prices are going.

12 Month Price Change | Keeping Current Matters
1 Month Price Change | Keeping Current Matters

We will be including our pricing update in the June KCM, but wanted to get these slides to you ASAP!

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