• Josh Valjan

Many Listings In Your Market Expire TOMORROW!

As we’ve noted before, there are three days a year when the most real estate listings expire:

  1. 12/31 – Because many agents convince the seller to list “until the end of the year”

  2. 12/30 – Because some agents don’t realize there are 31 days in December

  3. TOMORROW, 6/30 – Because many agents taking listings early in the year pick the midpoint of the year when deciding the length of the listing with the seller

This means that there is a gold mine of opportunity opening for agents. However, some may think that any listings that are expiring in this market might not be worth pursuing.

It is true that a percentage of these ‘expireds’ will be owned by unreasonable sellers. Yet, there will also be a percentage that truly need to sell but listed with an agent who was not strong enough to discuss the reasons the home wasn’t selling (price, access, condition, etc.).

As a KCM member, you know that good agents know how to give good news but only great agents know how to deliver tough news. These sellers have the right to get counsel from an agent truly dedicated to helping them reach their goal of selling their home.

That agent should be you.

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