• Josh Valjan

Let’s Rethink Millennial College Graduates & Homeownership

Whenever real estate professionals think about prospecting Millennials with a college degree, four objections immediately pop up:

  1. They don’t have a job

  2. If they do have a job, it’s working at McDonalds

  3. They have hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt

  4. They are living at home with their parents because they can’t afford to move out

Let’s look at these four assumptions:

Actually they are doing better than the average American when it comes to finding a job:

Millennials Unemployment

And they are earning more than other full time American workers:

Millennials Wages

Student debt is an issue. However, 29% have no student debt and the remaining 71% have an average debt under $30,000:

Millennials Student Debt

They are living at home but not because they necessarily have to. Households (husband/wife or two significant partners) living with parents are actually doing quite well:

Millennials Living at Home

Let’s not forget these Millennials. We must teach them the advantages of homeownership.

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