How do you make sure that Mr. & Mrs. Seller accept your buyers’ offer?

In a multi-bid environment, like the one we are experiencing today, sellers sometimes make a decision that is not always based on money.

Harris Poll recently released the results of their survey which looked at the emotional connection seller’s often feel toward their current home and the future of that home.

Before the recession, about 20 percent of sellers accepted an offer based on emotion rather than money alone. However, from 2006 to now, the number has climbed to 36 percent, as shown below.

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During the recession and its aftermath, more sellers accepted the first offer they received – a notable difference from today. Now, only 46 percent of home sellers accept the first offer they receive – which marks a 22 percent decrease, the survey found.

How do you make sure that Mr. & Mrs. Seller fall in love with YOUR buyers?

Selling your buyers to the home’s sellers has become more important than ever. Many agents stress the importance of at least prequalifying for a mortgage before making an offer, so that the sellers know how serious their buyers are.

In their offers, many buyers write letters stressing how much being able to call the sellers home theirs would mean to them. gives 10 Tips on How to Write a Home Buyers Offer Letter that you can share with your clients.

From the article: “Pick two or three reasons why you will be the best buyer for this home, and make them distinctly recognizable. The more streamlined you make your message, the more memorable it will be.”

Bottom Line

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Interest Rates and Home Prices are projected to increase substantially over the next 12 months, giving your buyer an upper hand in their negotiations with sellers now, will help them not overpay for their dream home.

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