Home Price Expectation Survey Results Now Available!

The Home Price Expectation Survey is a forward looking report that polls a nationwide panel of over 100 economists, real estate experts and investment & market strategists on where home prices are headed.

The results of their Q4 Expectation Survey were just released and we wanted to give you the visuals you have become accustomed to so you could update your materials accordingly.

(Simply click on each slide to make it full sized and right click to save the file to your computer.)

HPES Cover Slide
HPES Avg Annual Appreciation
HPES Projected Mean Appreciation
HPES Cumulative Appreciation by 2020

And as we have before, we also wanted to update the Increase in Family Wealth Generated by Home Equity Slide with the new predictions. – For a great way to explain this to your clients keep an eye out for Wednesday’s blog post (12/23).

HPES Equity Earned


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