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Have You Watched The Latest Monthly Market Report Yet?

Watch The Monthly Market Report | Keeping Current Matters

Home Prices

Four times a year the report includes an update on Home Prices; where they’ve been already this year, where they are now, and where they are projected to go over the next 5 years.

Is There A Housing Bubble?

How do you answer your clients questions about home prices and their concern about a housing bubble?

Tell them exactly what the experts are saying… and show them the “Price & Time Since The Peak” Map to show how far many states still have to reach the peak prices experienced in ’06-’07.

Appraisal Challenges

Have a conversation with your clients (both buyers & sellers) about how a hot market like the one we are experiencing now could pose an appraisal challenge.

We break down exactly what to say to your clients and how having the talk before there is a problem, will show that you have their best interest at heart.

Move-Up Buyers

Studies have shown that many homeowners don’t realize the amount of equity they ACTUALLY have in their home. Find out ways that you can be seen as a resource in your area for homeowners to find out their options.

First-Time Buyers

Does waiting to save a 20% down payment make sense if your clients already have 5% saved? Find out what the experts are saying about home appreciation over the next year and if the additional home equity they would earn is worth paying PMI now.


45 minutes could make a huge difference in your business!

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