• Josh Valjan

Groundhog… Come Out & Share

Depending on which groundhog prediction you subscribe to in your area of the country the headlines will all read, Spring is Coming! Or More Winter Ahead!

No matter what your favorite mammal has predicted, one thing is for sure, the busy real estate season is right around the corner! Make sure that you are out in force on social media and using all the tools that you have access to as a KCM Member!

If you haven’t already set up your Personalized Posts™ Profile, what are you waiting for? The current content you see every day on the KCM Blog is branded for you, to you, with minimal effort. Check out the difference:

Now is a great time to see what other KCM Members are having success with too!

Join our Members Only Facebook Page today to share successes and challenges with other professionals just like you all over the country! We are really excited about the great conversations and interactions on the page, and look forward to many more members joining.

We encourage all our Members to ‘come out & share’ what’s going on in the market. Define yourself as an expert in your market through solid content shared on a regular basis.

Don’t wait until Spring to start attracting potential clients. Get out there now!

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