• Josh Valjan

As my father always said…

“It isn’t about doing what you have the right to do. It is about doing the right thing.” – Richard Harney (Steve’s dad)


“There’s nothing wrong with wanting the trappings of success,” notes Authentic Leadership Institute President Nick Craig. “But real confidence, and true success, comes from the feeling that you are doing things for the right reasons.”

As Gail Carillo said in a comment yesterday:

“It is imperative to give ‘true’ and accurate information to prospective clients and not paint the picture you ‘think’ they want painted. Good agents can deliver good news but great agents can deliver difficult news.”

As Realtors today, we have the opportunity to help our communities through these difficult times. Build your business by giving great, truthful counsel. Let’s do our part to turn this economy around – one house at a time!

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