Are You Applying for Top Agent or Top Chef?

We are sometimes amused by the marketing strategies being used by many real estate agents. We often question whether they are trying to build a brand as a true real estate professional or one as a great culinary expert. Cherry pie and chocolate chip cookie recipes abound.

Is that the way you want the consumer to view you: as the go-to-person for desserts? We understand the ‘stickiness’ of a good cherry pie recipe and realize there may be a place for it in your marketing. However, wouldn’t you rather have potential buyers & sellers first see you as the trusted advisor they can come to for great counsel on their real estate decisions?

To do that, your marketing must consist of items explaining current industry market trends and what impact they have on the consumer. A great recipe for a completed transaction not a fudge brownie.

Only you can control the message you are sending out. Make it a good one.

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