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Americans Rank Real Estate #1 Long Term Investment

The Gallup organization recently released a survey in which Americans were asked to rank what they considered to be the “best long term investment.” Real estate ranked number one, with 35% of those surveyed saying it was a better long term investment than stocks & mutual funds, gold, savings accounts or bonds.

Here is the breakdown:

The survey revealed that real estate was the number one choice among each of the following groups:

  1. Men

  2. Women

  3. People between the ages of 18-29

  4. People between the ages of 30-49

  5. People between the ages of 50-64

  6. People 65 and older

  7. People with annual earnings of less than $30,000

  8. People with annual earnings between $30,000 and $74,999

  9. People with annual earnings of over $75,000

  10. People with a college degree

  11. People without a college degree

Even stock investors ranked real estate number one. According to the report:

“With housing prices showing a steadier path upward in recent months, even stock investors are about as likely…to choose real estate (37%) as stocks (32%) as the best long-term investment.”

This Friday, we will be posting an infographic showing additional findings revealed in the report.

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