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Agents: Spend Your Time Prospecting

Today, we are honored to have Justin DeCesare, CEO of Middleton & Associates Real Estate in La Jolla, as our guest blogger. Justin has written a manual for new agents that is a must read for the new technology centered Real Estate market. It is available online in both print and Kindle editions. – The KCM Crew


Though without prospecting, agents would never be able to meet and subsequently close transactions, marketing is often the catalyst that allows prospecting to be successful.  It is the support mechanism behind the moneymakers and serves to ensure agents have a steady stream of prospects.

The issue for today’s agent, in a world filled with social media connections and free, readily-available information, is to determine a marketing strategy that promotes the agent as a knowledge base, and not as a shameless self-promoter.

It’s 2013. Our clients, especially those of younger generations, do not care how important we think we are as agents and brokers.

Focus on Client Relationships

In her recent article about listing presentations, Bernice Ross makes the case that it’s time to ditch canned power points and keynote presentations and focus more on client relationships.

I couldn’t agree more with Ms. Ross when it comes to getting rid of bland, ego-driven marketing strategies, especially when it comes to helping millennial buyers and sellers.  As she points out, as little as a decade ago the listing presentations of most brokers and agents were geared towards showcasing their own overall Real Estate greatness.

This personal marketing strategy culminated in nothing more than long lists of neighborhood sales, career accolades, and a list of publications in which the agent advertised listings. There was a good chance that this list was nearly identical to that of another Broker coming on the same listing appointment in 30 minutes.

What I see, as the CEO of a Real Estate Brokerage in La Jolla, CA is that agents often fill their time with the busy work of creating state-of-the-art fliers, listing presentations showcasing their own personal marketing prowess, and a multitude of other fancy materials that they presume will grow their business.

At the end of the day, our society is changing.  People look to us for information and don’t believe we have it just because our open house bio flier says we do.  We are expected to know how many homes have sold recently, what their average market time has been, what the supply of inventory is at the current moment, and a multitude of other relevant factors that actually has an effect on our clients’ buying decisions.

Focusing all of your time on preparation and design of marketing materials does not make you money.

The marketing we do need to undertake should base itself in real data.  When you follow this model you are empowering your agents to make rational decisions, not playing the greasy salesperson that is satirized on many popular TV shows.

Listen & Learn about your clients rather than tell them about how you are better than any other agent in town.

When you couple your ability to communicate with actual relevant information, you will no longer be just another agent or broker, you will be an advisor, and your business can do nothing but benefit from that distinction.

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