• Josh Valjan

10 Steps to Being a Great Agent – #6

Making a Commitment to Excellence

In any business there are many competent, skilled professionals. We meet them and interact with them everyday. But, every now and then, we experience exceptional customer service which leaves us almost in awe of the effort a person put forward. Our situation is handlled so well by a company representative that we are left with a feeling that we want to do further business with that particular company. That person had a special commitment to excellence. Doing what was expected was not good enough. They went above-and-beyond and created for us the ultimate customer experience.

To truly be considered a great agent, top producers realize good isn’t good enough. They commit to excellent service and an exceptional experience for their buyers and sellers. It is not about fancy logos or cute slogans. It is about making sure that anything that can be done to help, is done. That commitment separates them from the pack and enables them to be certain that their current customers will easily recommend them any chance they have.

Tomorrow we will look at Step #7 – Realizing it is the Mission, not the Money

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