• Josh Valjan

10 Steps to Being a Great Agent – #10

Once You Reach It, Teach It

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the countdown of the 10 Steps to Being a Great Agent. The last step, Once You Reach, Teach It, is the pinnacle only the absolutely greatest of agents ever reach.

Our industry is a competitive one which attracts very competitive people. We are willing to give up the security of a guaranteed wage for the uncertainty of unlimited earnings.

Because of these facts, many agents refrain from sharing their knowledge with other real estate professionals. They are afraid that the knowledge they give will somehow come back to deny them an opportunity down the road. They feel that, if the agent sitting next to them becomes better, it will result in more competition for the same business.

Great agents are people who realize that, in this country, the sky is the limit. Opportunity is NOT finite. The better educated our industry becomes the more people we can help. The more people we can help, the more deals will occur. The more deals that occur, the more money everyone will make. Great agents want every real estate professional to attain his/her potential. They know that is the only way for our industry to grow.

The great agent relishes the opportunity to share their knowledge. They realize that once they reach the top of the mountain, they have an obligation to light the path for others. They do not dwell in that dark, dingy place known as ‘fear of loss’, but instead stand tall basking in the sun in a place known as ‘opportunity to gain’.

Today, there are so many sellers and buyers that need our help. The opportunity to do something special is right in front of us and waiting for us to step-up. The best way for us to do that is to help each other. Educate the agent on the other side of the deal. Share information with people in your office. Be willing to teach those who so much want to learn.

It is going to take an army of well educated real estate professionals to turn this economy around. Great agents are working diligently to train that army.

Are you?

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