• Josh Valjan

10 Steps to Being A Great Agent #1-5

Over my 25 years in the business, I have had the great opportunity to see many new agents develop into great agents. Here is the path most of them took:

1. Get Basic Real Estate Knowledge They were sponges trying to get as much education as they could as quickly as they could.

2. Know You Can Make Money Though they never stopped learning, they also realized that they must apply what they learned. You can’t learn to swim in a classroom. You need to get in the pool.

3. Develop a Great Attitude Success is impossible without failure. They were never concerned about lack of success. They had faith that if they continued to do the right things, success was in their future.

4. Advanced Real Estate Knowledge Once they were comfortable that they could list and sell property, they dove into advanced training to better counsel their clients. They became specialists in certain types of real estate and became the regional expert.

5. Treat Your Profession as a Business They not only searched out real estate education but also thursted to learn more about running their own businesses (business planning, team building, etc.).

These are the first 5 steps. If you accomplish them, you will be a very good agent. Steps 6-10 will enable you to jump into the category of ‘great’ agent. Starting Monday, I will cover one of these 5 steps in detail each day.


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