• Josh Valjan

10 Steps to Being a Better Listener

“One of the hardest things to do in life is to listen without intent to reply.” – Author Unknown

At this time of so much uncertainy, we must be patient with our customers and clients. They will not care what we know until they are sure that we care. We must truly take the time to hear their concerns and fears. It is our job!

The 10 Steps to Being a Better Listener:

1. First, stop talking! We have been taught to sell, sell, sell. Take the time to listen. 2. Put the other person at ease. Smile! Make sure everyone is comfortable. Explain the process. You do live real estate every day. They don’t. 3. Show the other person you want to hear them. Lean forward, open your arms, ask them to clarify points 4. Remove any distractions. Cell phone should be off, mind should be clear 5. Learn to empathize. Care about them and let them know you do. 6. Be patient. Don’t assume you can finish their sentence. Want to know what they are truly saying. Let them finish, pause, then reply. 7. Watch your own emotions. Especially facial expressions!! 8. Be very slow to disagree, criticize or argue. They may be under great stress. Take that into consideration. 9. Ask lots of questions. Don’t leave until you are sure of their goals for themselves and their family. 10. Really, stop talking!! No, I am not kidding – Listen!!

Try it!! You will be amazed at the results.

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